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The Case of the Man
Who was Wanted
Arthur Whitaker
1892 (Smith) to 1910 (Tracy/Lellenberg)  

The Case of the Man who was Wanted was written by Arthur Whitaker sometime between 1892 (per Edgar W. Smith) and 1910 (per Jack Tracy and John Lellenberg).   Apparently, the story was sent to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for some kind of review, and it has been suggested (see Jack Tracy, The Published Apocrypha and John Lellenberg, Nova 57 Minor) that Whitaker was angling for a collaboration.  According to Tracy/Lellenberg, Sir Arthur declined, but did send a letter to Mr. Whitaker suggesting that he would be willing to purchase the plot of the story for 10 pounds (Lellenberg indicates 10 Guineas).  Tracy/Lellenberg noted that the sale went down, but the plot was never written into a Holmes story by Doyle and the typewritten original was filed away in Sir Arthur's papers, where it resided until found by Hesketh Pearson while he was researching for his Doyle biography.  Mention was made of the story in Pearson's 1943 book and a couple of paragraphs were printed, but the estate refused offers for publication until 1948, when it was published, complete, in the August edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine as a LONG LOST Sherlock Holmes story.  It was republished in the London Sunday Dispatch in January of 1949.  In both publications, the story was attributed to Sir Arthur until Arthur Whitaker, who was still living, came forward producing a carbon copy of the typwritten story and, eventually, the letter from Sir Arthur with the offer to buy the plot.  A long battle ensued between the Doyle Estate (Adrian) and Whitaker (who simply wanted to save the family embarassment). After much vitriol, the estate agreed that the story was not written by Sir Arthur and was, indeed, a pastiche. Whitaker captured much of Sir Arthur's style in some parts of the story, but it is not considered a great pastiche. It is, however, considered part of the Apocrypha.

The Diogenes Club:  The Case of the Man who was Wanted
The Man who was Wanted
Cosmopolitan Magazine
August, 1948

The Diogenes Club:  Excerpt from Cosmopolitan Magazine 1948
Byline from The Man who was Wanted
Cosmopolitan Magazine
August, 1948

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