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Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson:
A Textbook of Friendship
Christopher Morley, Editor
Harcourt, Brace and Company
A Wartime Book

well-known for not only being the writer of the much-acclaimed introduction to the Doubleday Complete Sherlock Holmes (referenced below), but is also the author of the difficult-to-find Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson:  A Textbook of Friendship (also below).  It is in this book that you find his "Note for Advanced Students" with his suggestions.
"A complete bibliography of Sherlockiana would almost require a book in itself (*).  Vincent Starrett's The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes contains a valuable reference list.  For the convenience of Readers who may wish to pursue the subject, I mention here only a few of the more important titles."
*"Almost a book"!!!  It took TWO and a complete librarian webpage... and it's still not complete!
A. Conan Doyle Memories and Adventures, Boston, 1924
R. A. Knox Essays in Satire, London, 1928
Frederic Dorr Steele Sherlock Holmes:  Farewell Appearances of William Gillette, New York, 1929
Frederic Dorr Steele Sherlock Holmes in Pictures, The New Yorker, May 22, 1957
S. C. Roberts Doctor Watson, London, 1931
H. W. Bell Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson:  A chronology of Their Adventures, London, 1932
T. S. Blakeney Sherlock Holmes:  Fact or Fiction, London, 1932
Vincent Starrett The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, New York, 1933, (reviewed by Elmer Davis in Saturday Review of Literature, December 2, 1933)
H. W. Bell, editor Baker Street Studies, London, 1934
Walter Klinefelter Ex Libris A. Conan Doyle, Chicago, 1938
Edgar W. Smith Appointment in Baker Street, New york, 1938
Edgar W. Smith Baker Street and Beyond, a Sherlockian Gazeteer, New York, 1940
Edgar W. Smith Letters from Baker Street, New York, 1942
Vincent Starrett, editor 221B:  Studies in Sherlock Holmes, New York, 1940
Hesketh Pearson Conan Doyle:  His Life and Art, London, 1943
Edgar W. Smith, editor Profile by Gaslight (another collection studies by members of the Baker Street Irregulars), New York, 1944
 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson:  A Textbook of Friendship, 1944, Christopher Morley

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